The Case of: Comedians V. Leslie Jones 2014

As comedians, you’re free to be offended, You’re free to disagree. You can even say another comic isn’t funny, but to PUBLICLY tear another comic down?





I  Was trying to lie in the bushes on this ‘SNL’ Slavery shit but now I’m    seeing, Comedians out here attacking other comedians bits like the Thought Police ain’t gonna be after your ass next. That shit is sad & hypocritical.

Unless you’re a MASTER of the mundane like Seinfeild or Gaffigan the Thought Police have a team of professionals monitoring your tweets and TV appearances.

Half you comics out there, (myself included) have something in your act that’s bound to piss someone off, and sooner or later your day will come when a thousand bloggers and CNN/FOX News debate idiots are standing at your doorstep screaming for an apology. And you’ll be standing there with your thumb up your ass talking about “Ya’ll can’t take a joke?”.

The shit you spit is no better or worse than Leslie. It’s YOUR truth. Let Big Les spit hers. You HAVE to give your fellow comics room to spit their truth, no matter how much you disagree. As a comedian you owe another performer THAT. If nothing else. Stand-Up Comedy is a catty, shady, jealous, bitching, backstabbing ass business. Comedians sit on the phone and text one another about what comics they hate this week. Who they think isn’t funny. Who they think is a joke thief. Whose Comedy Central special wasn’t funny.

I’m guilty of it myself.  We. All. Do It.

But the one thing i’ve always respected about it is that the beef remains in the family. You don’t go on the record with that shit. What is that gonna do other than make you look jealous? even if you aren’t jealous. Even if you’re just stating the facts, you look sad. And that my friend is bad for business.


You’d have to reach the levels of Leno v. Letterman 1985- PRESENT or Leno v. Conan 2010  beef to really find some comedic beef that the public at large knew about. And that beef wasn’t about jokes a comic made. It was about comics backstabbing each other



Joe Rogan WENT IN on Carlos Mencia for stealing jokes (the worst thing a comic can do). This was a pretty big public debacle because Mencia was at the height of his stardom. Some argue that this confrontation by Rogan cost Mencia his Comedy Central show but again, this beef wasn’t about a joke Mencia did and Rogan not agreeing with it. It was about Mencia stealing material.


The biggest beefs in comedy have NEVER been about a comic thinking another comic isn’t funny or thinking that comic is too offensive. Could you imagine if Cosby spent half his career rambling on and on about how offensive Pryor was? He didnt. (At least not in open forums).

EPPS v. HART 2014

So Mike Epps went on radio and said that Kevin Hart is overrated. This isn’t so much an attack on a specific joke as much as it is a critique of the career that Kevin Hart has chosen to build for himself. Epps gaffe on the radio simply proves my point. Comedians LOOOOVVVEE to hate on other comedians in private.


What Epps will eventually find out, much like the Mencia debacle, is that most people don’t care what he thinks of another performer. Kevin Hart fans have had 3-4 Hour specials and about 10 movies to make up their mind about that man. Nothing Mike Epps says is going to change their mind all of a sudden. It was pointless of him to say it publicly. All it did was make him look jealous. I promise you not one movie exec came out after Mike Epps comment and said “Well maybe we should pull Kevin off this new movie.”

Did anyone go on and get a refund for their Kevin Hart tickets because Mike Epps said something?

Publicly hating on another artist is great for rappers. Pointless for comedians. No one gives a shit. They just want to laugh. 


This is the BIGGEST example of a comic disagreeing with another comics approach to the craft. But if you notice when Eddie Murphy tells the story about Bill Cosby confronting him for cursing, Cosby CALLED Eddie Murphy PRIVATELY to confront him about his material. Bill Cosby didn’t publicize it! Cosby didn’t tear another comic down. It was Eddie Murphy’s choice to out Cosby, but at the end of the day Cosby showed us if nothing else.



The funny thing is that as despicable as joke stealing is there were STILL people who supported Carlos Mencia. This is why the opinion of the public at large of Leslie Jones doesn’t bother me much. People gonna get mad and scream bloody murder for MOST of those “outraged” they’ll be back to watching the next Terio Video.

The public at large has a right to disagree w/ Leslie Jones and say WHATEVER they want to say. But for comedians to make a LIVING doing the SAME DAMN thing Lesile does and to turn around and act like your act is 100% pure and doesn’t offend anyone? If ya last name ain’t Seinfeld, Hart or Gaffigan I call bullshit. And I’m willing to bet if I dig deep enough into their youtube comments they have a few haters too.


I understand that Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from the consequence of speaking freely, but damn man if you make a living speaking freely just know sooner or later someone’s going to get in your ass about pissing them off.

You don’t have to have to have Leslie’s back if you don’t want to, but for damn, stop helping people to tear her down. We’re all in the same boat. If you’re doing any comedy that has any level of guts to it, any comedy that comes close to the line of public decency, then Go stand quietly in the corner and patiently wait your for turn in front of the digital rock throwers.

Anyways, im off my brief soapbox… Just got a direct deposit for $12.45 in digital sales. Off to spend it. #MoneyTeam

You’re welcome.

Go Ramsay Baseball.

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